The Society’s primary means of fostering high standards in genealogy is by granting membership to individuals who meet such standards. Admission to the Royal Bastards is considered an achievement of great merit by amateur and professional genealogists alike.

Membership is open to individuals of any nationality who prove descent from an illegitimate son or daughter of a king, an illegitimate son or daughter of the child of a king, or an illegitimate son or daughter of the grandchild of a king of England, Scotland, Wales, Great Britain or the United Kingdom.

Descent is proved by documenting each generation and each connection between generations from the king to the applicant with valid, conclusive primary or contemporary evidence. Validity of an applicant’s lineage is determined by the Society’s Herald, who must be convinced of its correctness before the applicant may be admitted.

Most lineage papers considered acceptable for admission to other hereditary associations will not qualify for admission to this Society. This is not a matter simply of accuracy, but of accuracy and substantiation: only lineages supported completely by evidence that meets the standards of this Society can qualify an applicant for admission.

This Society’s current application fee and life membership dues total $300. Should an applicant be unsuccessful on their first attempt, the application may be amended once and will be considered within twelve months of the original submission. Regrettably, refunds cannot be made to unsuccessful applicants.

The Society welcomes all applications, and is happy to answer questions by mail or e-mail. Those interested in membership should download an application and instructions, review these, and consider if they wish to proceed.

The Society’s application consists of two Microsoft Word documents which are fillable forms. The first form holds preliminary information and the first generation of the applicant’s lineage. The second form is a single page; the file is to be duplicated by the applicant and filled in, one copy of the page for each generation in the lineage. These forms are to be completed on a computer, then printed out and submitted to the Society on paper, together with paper copies of all cited evidence.

Download the two application forms and instruction document here:

Application Form Part 1: Cover and Generation 1 (Microsoft Word, 2 pages)

Application Form Part 2: Later Generations (Microsoft Word, 1 page)

Application Instructions (PDF, 3 pages).