Founders and Officers

Charter Members:

Mr. Harold Minot Pitman, FASG
The Rev’d Dr. Arthur Adams, FASG
Mr. George Andrews Moriarty, Jr., FASG
Mr. Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., FASG
Mr. Donald Lines Jacobus, FASG
The Rev’d Dr. Gilbert Harry Doane, FASG
Mr. Walter Goodwin Davis, FASG
Prof. William John Hoffman, FASG
Mr. Richard LeBaron Bowen, FASG
Sir Anthony Richard Wagner, KCB, KCVO, FASG

Past and Present Officers:

Mr. George Andrews Moriarty, FASG, 1950–1968
Mr. Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., FASG, 1968–1987
Mr. Henry Bainbridge Hoff, FASG, 1988–2006
Mr. Anthony Glenn Hoskins, 2006–current

The Rev’d. Dr. Arthur Adams, FASG, 1950–1958
Mr. John Insley Coddington, FASG, 1958–1975
Mr. William Addams Reitwiesner, 1976–1983
Mr. Eugene Aubrey Stratton, FASG, 1983–1987
Dr. Neil Daniel Thompson, FASG, 1987–2012
Dr. Nathaniel Lane Taylor, FASG, 2012–current

Mr. Walter Lee Sheppard Jr., FASG, 1950–1968
Mr. Brainerd Tracy Peck, 1968–1978
Lt. Gen. Herman Nickerson Jr., 1979–1987
Mr. Grahame Thomas Smallwood Jr., 1987–1992
Mr. Anthony Glenn Hoskins, 1993–2006
Mr. James Richard Terzian, 2006–current